E-Junkie Basics: How To Create And Sell Products on E-Junkie

I used to sell these E-Junkie videos, but now I give them away. Why? It’s late and I’m tired. Tell you later. For now, just use them. They are free.

You will probably need headphones to hear the sound. Click the link and download them to your computer and open them with Quicktime. Though if you are on a Mac and some PC’s they will probably play automatically in your browser. Though if you download them you can resize the video to make them larger.

#1: E-Junkie Free Trial.
In this video, you will get an E-Junkie overview and learn how to get an E-Junkie account with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required (5:00 minutes).

#2: Create and Upload Your Products.
Now you will learn how to create and upload a product on-junkie and get a one-click “button” to sell it on your website. Example of how to put the button on a blog (7:16).

#3: Test Your Sale Process and Download.
In this video, you will learn how to test your product download links and how to edit products details such as price, description, and currency. You will also learn about some additional product options such as how to resend your download link to a customer and how to change your download options (7:36).

#4: Create Your Product Listing.
Learn how to create a product listing in the E-Junkie Shop so that you can have another way to sell your products (4:29).

#5: Upload a Logo.
Upload a logo or picture to brand your payment and download pages (4:18).

Is that enough to get you started? Good. Live long and prosper. Please note: The 67-day free trial code in the video is not longer valid. To get the new code, you will have to sign-up for the newsletter and get the code. Don’t worry. I won’t spam you. I probably won’t email you at all except for the first time (so you can get the free trial code).

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