When I first started using E-Junkie I was a grad student on a very, very tight budget. I was selling mp3 downloads online and my eCommerce cart was costing me $67 per month. It was a decent cart and did everything that I needed, but as I was just starting out my sales were only about $200 per month. That means my eCommerce system was costing me nearly 30% of my profit!! That’s when I started on a quest to find something better.

I spent almost a full day online searching for and testing eCommerce systems. When I first found E-Junkie I was skeptical. I didn’t really believe that a $5.00 per month system could do everything that I needed it to do. And the system itself was so simple to use (just add a product copy and paste the button code?!!) that it seemed to good to be true. I kept thinking there was a catch.

But I tried E-Junkie anyway. The fact that I could try it without having to give a credit card number was a big factor. Five years later, I am still using E-Junkie. One “hidden” benefit that I did not realize was that my conversion rate went up. More people began buying my products when I started using E-Junkie. Why? Because I could add GoogleCheckout as a payment processer. I have found that certain people refuse to use Paypal. They don’t trust it. But many of those people will use and try GoogleCheckout. My sales went up about 20% after I switched to E-Junkie.

Give it a try. You’ve got little to lose and you can start making money with E-Junkie before you pay them anything!! In fact, if you sign-up below, you can get a free code that will extend your E-Junkie trial to a full 67-days. Meaning you can start making money and making sales and not have to pay a dime for over 2 months. And all without a credit card. It’s as safe as safe can be:

Go ahead. Get a 67-day Free Trial to E-Junkie.

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