E-Junkie Review by Dave Navarro

I just read an E-Junkie review by another evangalist Dave Navarro. Dave knows what he is talking about and covers the basics of E-Junkie very well. It’s called, “How To Use E-Junkie.com To Sell Your Stuff and includes some screenshotsTake a look: E-Junkie Review.

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  1. I would also point out that e-junkie is a very good option for BEGINNERS.

    It is overall friendly for beginners and small businesses that just starting out.

    Other e-commerce companies have higher fees.

    p.s. I am not affiliate and I am not involved in sales of any kind. Just sharing my opinion on e-junkie.

  2. Hi Lule – I agree 100%. The ease for beginners is one of the reasons that I began using E-Junkie and teaching it to others. If one knows how to copy and paste one can use E-Junkie…at least the basics.

    Thanks for commenting!


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