E-Junkie for Worry-Free, Maintenance-Free Online Selling

I have been using E-Junkie to sell digital downloads for over 8 years. I have several simple pages related to the work of a man named Moshe Feldenkrais. On these pages I sell mp3 downloads that I created related to a variety of topics, including how to eliminate TMJ Pain, getting rid of back pain and on other topics. What I like about E-Junkie for downloads is that once the system is set-up it works automatically in the background. A person clicks to buy and once their payment is processed the funds go into my various accounts automatically (Paypal or GoogleWallet) and the person gets their download link via email automatically. It is a great system. Once set-up there is virtually nothing that you need to do.

Once every so often, someone asks for a refund. And it only takes about 30-second to login to Paypal and make a refund. More often, I get someone asking me for another download link as theirs is expired. On E-Junkie it only takes a few seconds to send another download link or a free one. Simply go to “seller admin” and click either “re-activate expired downlaod links” or “send free download link.” I have a tendency to do the latter as it is easier.

E-Junkie vs Paypal

People often ask, “What is the difference between Paypal and E-Junkie?” or “Why not just use Paypal ‘Buy Now’ buttons to sell my stuff?” I suppose the answer depends on what you sell. If you sell digital downloads, you are probably better off using E-Junkie as it will also handle the delivery of your downloads via a link that hides the location of your product. It also limits the number of downloads and the time-frame under which downloads can be made. This prevents someone from buying your product and then sharing the link with their friends. The number of times a person can download your product and such is set by you. I usually offer the maximum that E-Junkie allows (9 times) with no time frame. I do this because some of my downlaads are large (over 300 mbs) and it is entirely possible that a person might have to try several times before completing the download. Also, to be perfectly blunt, I want to eliminate emails related to customer service. I would rather take the chance that someone might “steal” my downloads by sharing the link, than have to constantly deal with re-setting or resending links.

By the way: When using Ejunkie you do not have to limit yourself to selling digital products. You can sell physical products and keep track on inventory and get people’s address and such.

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  1. The REAL reason I am selecting e-Junkie ( besides that flat $5 monthly fee) is that they have my ebook on their server. Let me explain.

    If you decide just to use the ‘buy now’ paypal button you will have to have your digital product stored on your website. The issues is that bots and spiders crawl and index your pages+files and then show it in searches. You do not want your ebook or some other digital product you are looking to sell to show up in searches FOR FREE for everybody to read, do you?

    Now, I have made a great deal of research on how to protect my content from indexing. Unless you are an experienced programmer I say – forget it. Plugins do offer this option BUT since this is about selling (aka making money) they also embed a transaction fee which is way much higher than just using a headache free e-junkie with your digital product being on their server PROTECTED from indexing.

    Plugin writers may abandon the plugin and it may become vulnerable for attackers.

    I would say that after 1 week of research, painful talking to plugin owners, my hosting company, participation in var.forums I have come to conclusion that e-junkie is the best, the most reasonable and the most affordable option.

    You can totally ignore what I have said here and do your own research. After 1 week you will be back to what I came to – e-junkie.

    good luck to you all!! ( Lulu. October 7,2016)

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