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Welcome to “E-Junkie Tutorials” dedicated to giving you free and easy access on using E-Junkie. One of the easiest, cheapest and most effective e-commerce solutions on the web.

Curious about E-Junkie?

I started using Ejunkie in 2006 because I was just starting out and the eCommerce/shopping cart system that I was using was too expensive. I was initially very skeptical of E-Junkie because it seemed too cheap! And asbizarre as this might sound – it seemed to easy to use. I kept thinking that there was a hidden catch or that I was missing something. But after trying E-Junkie for free and making my first sale, I was hooked. I have been using it ever since

I eventually starting teaching E-Junkie at my marketing seminars and practically insisting that my clients use it. Having a simple, affordable system is crucial when you are just starting out. And as your business grows, you want a system that can grow with you. E-Junkie powers not only small businesses selling mp3’s and physical products but also some much larger ones.

If you are interested in trying E-Junkie look around on this site and see the free tutorials and other information. Then get the E-Junkie code that will give you a 67-day FREE trial. Enter your email and get the code instantly:

Use the code on the “Register” menu at Ejunkie to get a free two-month trial. There is no credit card required! If you want to see EXACTLY how easy it will be to sign up for E-Junkie and to get the trial see the screenshots: EJUNKIE TRIAL TUTORIAL.

***Please note: “E-Junkie” is a registered trademark of 19.5 Degrees. We are not affiliated with E-Junkie. Though there are affiliate links on this site and we get paid a commission if you sign up for E-Junkie using our affiliate links.

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